Images of Liberty Head Nickels

The Liberty Head Nickels series includes a total of 33 different issues, not including the extremely rare 1913 nickel. These coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint with the exception of the Denver and San Francisco minted pieces from 1912. Completing a collection can be a considerable challenge due to the two notable key dates.

As with most classic series, high end collections typically include coins graded and encapsulated by PCGS or NGC. These two leading third party grading companies place the coin in a holder and assign a numerical grade.

Included below are images of Liberty Head Nickels certified by PCGS or NGC.

1883 Liberty Nickel

The first year of issue for the series is the 1883 Liberty Nickel. This example carries the original design "without CENTS". The word was later added beneath the Roman Numeral "V" to eliminate any confusion about the denomination. This coin is graded PCGS MS65 and has received a green sticker of approval from CAC.

1887 Liberty Nickel

Despite rather large mintages, some Liberty Nickels can be difficult to find in gem condition with fully struck devices. Careful time and consideration should be used prior to adding a coin to your collection. This coin displays subtle original toning and a sharp strike.

1900 Liberty Nickel

The 1900 Liberty Nickel shown above has been graded NGC MS 65. This example is fully struck and shows subtle golden toning emanating from the edges of the coin. It is in a newer style NGC holder, which allows the edges of the coin to be seen.